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Shipping is a method of transporting large amounts of goods using transport ships. The goods are packed in containers and then loaded on the ship. A typical cargo ship can carry about 18,000 containers, which means that sea transportation is an economical and effective way to transport large amounts of cargo over long distances.

Professionally, We manage the involved parties of both FCL & LCL operations with a remarkable harmony offering: Project Cargo Handling, Free Commercial Zone (FCZ), Warehouse Export Pick-up, Bonded and Non-bonded Trucking Services & Competitive Import & Export Ocean Freight.


In details, We can provide:

• FCL or full container load, you purchase one or more full containers to ship to the ship.

• LCL or less than the container loading capacity, your products share a container, because you may not have the complete container value. After they arrive at their destination, they will split the contents of the container again.

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  • Cost-effective comparatively to other methods
  • Easy to manoeuvre heavy or large products with ease
  • Inexpensive over long distances
  • Most Carbon-efficient solution
  • Obviously one of the largest cons when it comes to sea freight is time, as it is the slowest option for moving products
  • The price is unsustainable for smaller amounts of goods

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