Consolidation Services

Conolidation Services

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Consolidating cargo is the process of combining multiple smaller cargoes from different shippers to reduce transportation costs. The goods are transported in one container, which reduces the transportation price. These types of shipments are also called LCL-less than container load.

Consolidated goods include combined smaller goods sent in the same direction. Most of them are different shipments, and different senders are combined into one shipment. Operators with a large enough network can use freight consolidation to consolidate packages in one direction.


• Consolidation allows transporting smaller goods (eg, on several pallets) from distant regions at a favorable price.

• In times of crisis, this is the right solution. It is also a unique convenience for smaller exporters.

• The dense network makes it possible to combine shipments, both within national and international connections.

“Consolidation of shipments to one transport means, first of all, one forwarding order, one shipment number, one customs clearance, and one company that deals with transport service.”


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It is not profitable to transport a small amount of goods from Asia to Europe or from Europe to Asia. For this reason, it is best to use the freight consolidation option. Initially, the goods are transported to the warehouse, where the goods are combined with other goods into a container. Goods are also usually delivered by truck.

During the organization of freight consolidation, the freight forwarder will prepare a separate waybill for each combined freight, as well as a consolidated list containing the loading list. In the merged list, the sender is the merged transponder, and the receiver is the re-merged transponder.

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