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Heavy Lifts

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Heavy lift. The transportation, handling and installation of heavy items which are indivisible, and of weights generally accepted to be in the range of 1 ton to over 1000 tons and of widths/heights of more than 100 meters that are too large to fit into normal containers or onto conventional transporters

Heavy lift cargo includes oversized structures or equipment that can’t be broken down into smaller ones. We provide heavy lift services that are ideal moving what others can’t. We have access to a reliable network of commercial transport equipment necessary to make difficult moves.

How it works?

Heavy transport ships are ships designed to move very large loads, where ordinary ships cannot handle these loads. a semi-submersible ship, which uses ballast water to float the loaded cargo (usually another ship) on the deck, then the ballast is abandoned, and the ship’s deck and cargo are lifted above the waterline.

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Internationally, Most cranes for dedicated heavy lift and project cargo vessels are a specialty of the Dutch company Huisman-Itrec which has supplied over 30 such units with lifting capacities up to 800t since developing the concept in the early 1980s.

Specialized ships capable of transporting non-standardized heavy cargoes. They can be subdivided into four main categories: project cargo ships, open deck cargo ships, dock ships, and semi-submersible ships.

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