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Flexi Tank

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Whenever there is a demand of a certain nature, the market will quickly respond to it. This is normal and routine in transportation. Shippers of bulk liquids believe that they need to use more cost-effective products than ISO storage tanks, but at the same time meet similar requirements as ISO storage tanks.

So, if the you would like to transport or store ( or both ) a non-regulated liquid inside a cargo unit of different capacities. We can provide the trasportation process through Flexi Tanks which can be considered as a bag that can contain the mentioned liquid safely.

How it works?

Enter FLEXITANK, which is a bladder or bag that can be placed in a standard ISO container, used to transport and/or store unregulated liquids inside a cargo transport unit (container). Some of the goods transported in Flexitanks are food, base oil, beer, wine, molasses, glycerin, fruit juice, non-hazardous chemicals, latex, egg products, water, oil, biodiesel, edible oil, wine,-dangerous drugs, chemicals Pharmaceuticals and industrial products.

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Some Questions to help you know more about the service and the ideal cases of its usage.

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  • Multilayer polyethylene
  • Single and double layer polyethylene
  • Barrier tanks
  • PVC
  • Bottom discharge
  • the inside of the container must be free from rust, physical damage, nails, glass, sharp edges
  • the inside must be lined with corrugated paper or cardboard

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