Inland Transportation

Inland Transportation

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Inland shipping will thus have to make a considerable contribution to keeping the mainport accessible. For that reason, Most of  governments is encouraging the transport of goods on inland waterways in order to keep the mainport accessible. In this regard, the preconditions include that the inland shipping fleet becomes cleaner and that the transport product, which comprises inland shipping, becomes more reliable.

Together from the start to the end destination! IMAC offers full inland transportation solutions for all kinds of cargoes From the destination port to any destination all over Egypt and also we can provide you a complete connection inlandly for all of our supported countries with no restrictions.

The Power of Inland

Inland transportation is a key partner to ocean freight and with IMAC, you get access to a range of quality intermodal services – whether truck, rail or barge. Find the right transport mode for your cargo and let us handle the rest.

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It is very important as it provides the connection of ports and nearby countries with minimum fees and documents preparation.

1.Transportation of heavy and bulky goods is easy and cheap. Coal, different ores, wood and big size manufactured goods are suitable for water transport.
2.Rivers and lakes are natural routes. Expenditure on their construction and maintenance is not required.

1. Time is lost due to slow speed. Hence they are not suitable for transporting perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables and milk and their products.

2. Climate changes instability produces more lagging.

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