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Moving abroad is a long process and requires reliable relocation resources, which is why a relocation plan formulated with the help of an international moving company will make your international relocation easier. It is strongly recommended to choose international repatriation insurance and international repatriation expert companies.

Accommodation relocation is much easier with us, Our team handles the service professionally with no struggles in Assembling & Packing all types of items, Numbering & Labeling each item, Providing Warehousing and storage facilities & Unpacking the goods in its final destination with zero-damage.

How it works?

Our overseas removals services cover every step of the way so you have no hassle during your move. From your door in the states to your door overseas, we take care of it all:

  • Pickup, packing, and wrapping
  • Transport from residence to departure port
  • Professional handling, loading, and records
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to your door overseas

“Hundreds of visionary companies rely on us to provide the business-critical services they need to connect the whole world for them, share knowledge, and power their growth. “


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The price of international relocation depends on the specific details of the overall transportation. Some of the factors that affect prices are quantity, place of origin and destination. For example, an international relocation from Los Angeles will be different from a New York relocation from New York, even if all other conditions are the same. Therefore, our representative will create a custom quotation for each shipment.

Similar to cost, time also depends on similar factors. In this case, the starting point and ending point play the biggest role, because an increase in distance will also mean an increase in time. On average, an international relocation takes 8 to 12 weeks from door to door, but your specific factors determine whether this process is short or long. Once you start working with Schumacher representatives, they will be able to provide you with an estimated timetable.

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