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Sea Freight

Professionally, We manage the involved parties of both FCL & LCL operations with a remarkable harmony.

Consolidation Services

No problem if you don't have a huge bulk of shipments, We can provide the integration of your shipments with several other small ones.

Inland Transportation

Together from the start to the end destination! IMAC offers full inland transportation solutions for all kinds of cargoes.


From goods collection from an indicated address to delivery at port of origin, Sure, we can help you.

Custom Clearance

In the field of Custom clearance, we also got you covered. Through an extended network of connections all over the Egyptian ports.


Accommodation relocation is much easier with us, Our team handles the service professionally with
no struggles.

Heavy Lifts

Having a great bulky and heavy cargoes is not an issue. We can provide you with a sustainable solutions.

Flexi Tank

Also, if the you would like to transport or store ( or both ) a non-regulated liquid inside a cargo unit of
different capacities.

ISO Tank

An ISO container is an international intermodal container that is manufactured according to the specifications.

Documents Preparation

You might get confused when you see terms such as Arrival Notice or Letter of credit among a long list of the required documents for your shipments.

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